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Starter Package
  • Domain (.com) and hosting
  • 3 page Brochure site
  • Designed to your liking
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Weekly / Monthly Analytical reports (free of charge)
  • Have your site Live in 7 days (providing you supply content)
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Search Engine Optimisation ( getting found in google!)
So you spent your hard earned money on a Website. You are delighted with your new site, its looks the bussiness. Gorgeous Graphics, fancy animations, beautiful colors. You couldnt be happier. Then you go to the internet and type your name into a search engine like google and to your shock your nowhere to be found. You scroll through the results and you find your website on the fifth or sixth page. Not happy.

This is a typical scenario with thousands of people who have had there sites designed to later find out that it cant be found. What use is a beautiful website if nobody is going to see it? This is primarily down to bad fundamental design flaws and poor project planning.

At raycarolanWeb we realise that search engine ranking is the single most important aspect of your website. This is why from the ground up, we design the site to specific web standards that search engines expect and can easily read.

We design sites using CSS, an external style sheet that separates the layout from the content. This leaves the written code of the website a lot cleaner and leaves the content of your website much easier to read by the Search Engines.

Title, Meta Keyword and Description
These are the first three things that the search engines read.

Title is the name of the page and is what the search engine first sees. Its also the first line that customers will see on your listing in the search results. This Tiltle has to entice potential customers to click onto your site. It also has to be specific to the website content.

Meta Keywords are the second thing that the engines read. If your keywords match the word being searched for by the engine, then you're more likely to get a good listing. This is why its very important to think about your keywords and choose them accordingly to what you believe your potential customers will be entering into the search. At raycaroalnWeb we will discuss this with you and will also research your competitors keywords usage.

Meta Description is a description or a catchy few lines to sell your website to potential customers. The customer will read this description below the title in the search results and this could very well determine weather the user clicks on your site or the one next to it.
We will sit down and discuss what best suits your Business.

Search Engine Submission
It can take time for google and the likes to index your website in the search results. One way to help speed this up is to submit the URL ( web address) directly to the engines and validate the website and code with them.
We submit to all the major search engines.

Another important factor for search engines finding your site is the use of a Sitemap. A sitemap is a page that index's all the pages on your site. It serves the purpose of an index or map of the layout of your site. Submitting a sitemap of your website to the search engines, greatly improves the chances of all your pages being listed at a higher ranking. Essential to SEO.

Analytic Tracking Code
By adding analytics to your website, you can be tracked. This means you can be sent weekly or monthly reports on how much traffic your getting, how people are finding the website, how your ranking at present and what search keywords are finding your site.

Contact us here to discuss how well your site is doing and we'll tell you if it could be performing better for you and your company.